5. Ramada Colombo Hotel

Ramada Colombo four star hotel located in 6 minutes walking from Slave Island Railway station. The users have rated 7.1 for this hotel.

Address: No. 30, Sir Mohamed Macan, Colombo 00300
Phone: 011 2 422001

4. The Kingsbury Hotel
Kingsbury is one of the best hotels for you to hold your wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka. It is a five star hotel with all the modern facilities. This luxury hotel is situated only 2Km away from Galle Face. Users have rated this hotel is 8.3

Address: Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo

Phone:011 2 421221

3. Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel
Cinnamon Lakeside is one of the most popular wedding reception halls in Sri Lanka. It is a five star hotel situated bordering to Beira Lake. It's only 2Km from Galle Face Green Park. Ideal hotel for a wonderful wedding reception. User ratings are 8.2 for this hotel.

Address: Sir Chittampalam A Gardiner Mawatha, Colombo
Phone: 011 2 491000

2. Galle Face Hotel
Galle Face Hotel is the oldest hotel in Colombo. With all the classic styles they kept it is very popular among Sri Lankans although it is a four star hotel. The hotel is 1Km away from Galle Face Green Park. Users have rated 7.7 for this Hotel.

Address: 2 Galle Rd, Colombo 00300
Phone: 011 2 541010

1. Cinnamon Grand Colombo
Cinnamon Grand Colombo is the leading wedding reception hall/ hotel in Sri Lanka. This 5 star hotel is popular among Sri Lankans as well as tourists. User ratings for this hotel is 8.4 out of 10. The hotel located in Colombo 1Km away from Slave Island railway station and Galle Face green park.

Address: Colombo
                                                      Phone:011 2 437437

There are so many wrong things wedding guests do at wedding receptions. Let’s find out what are the things guests do so that you can avoid doing those things.

Don’t ever wear white.
There are so many styles to follow as a groom. So he might not wear a white
color dress. But it doesn’t matter don’t wear a white dress ever unless it’s your wedding.

Crashing to the bride’s dressing room
This is one of the most common mistakes people do at a wedding reception. Specially bride’s friends. They crash in to bride’s dressing room just to wish her. Wishing your friend is good. But the time isn’t. Dressing is the most rush time in the day. So don’t interrupt the bride every time .You will get your change at the wedding ceremony.

Selfies and Smart Phones.
It’s so annoying when people start taking pictures during the ceremony. Also it’s so rude posting pictures of the couple without asking them first. If you can’t keep your phone away at least for a little time. At least put it on silent mode till the ceremony is over.

Don’t change the seat.
Don’t ask the couple to change the seat order or try to change the seat at the reception time. It’s too much to ask when they are trying to enjoy their special day. Please just have the seat they have prepared for you.

Keep your mouth shut
Don’t talk during the speeches. Not paying attention to the speeches is one of the most annoying things people do in the wedding receptions. Please keep your comments and whisperings to yourself.

Drinking too much
This is the most common mistake Sri Lankans do. Don’t ever drink too much at a wedding reception. I know it’s free. But the couple doesn’t want to deal with drunk people on their special day.

Taking decorations home
This is also a common things that girls do on a wedding reception. They take wedding hall decorations home with them. But sometimes those decorations belongs to the company who did the hall decorations. Because of this type of guests, the couple has to pay extra for the damage.

Hang around too late.
Even if there is an after party. You need to leave a bit early. Don’t be the last one to leave to reception. At some point, the bride and groom want to be alone.

After all it’s their day not yours. So don’t just ruin it for them. Just be nice, wish them good luck, celebrate with them and leave. That’s all they expect from a wedding guest.

Each year, wedding trends changes. Its always new year new trends. There were so many wedding trends in 2015. But in 2016 they become completely different. So lets take a look at new wedding themes in 2016.

Greenery Wedding Themes. 
 In this type of weeding themes they use so many leaves to decorate the wedding reception. They bring beautiful nature to the wedding.

Vintage Wedding Themes. 
 They use vintage colors to the theme. Mostly use wine, cedar and daffodil colors. Also in these theme they use so many old faction furniture, bridal dresses and decorations.

Twilight Wedding Themes. 
 In these wedding themes they usually use forest to hold the wedding reception. Also they hold the wedding at twilight. This theme become famous after twilight movie.

Fantasy (Fairy tale)Wedding Themes. 
Wedding hall decorated using a fairy tale like snow white, frozen or even lord of the rings. This is one of the most beautiful wedding theme in 2016.

Pastel Wedding Themes. 
 In pastel color wedding themes they use colors for 2016 by Pantone. Low light colors are wildly uses.

Garden Wedding Themes. 
 These themes aren’t new, but it becomes trendy in 2016. They organize the wedding reception in beautiful gardens.

These are the trendiest themes in year 2016. But trend could change always. If you need to have a beautiful trendy wedding, always do a research before you follow a trend.

Some thinks it is so hard to select a wedding dress. So today I'm going to tell you some tips that you can use to make it easy.

Make an early appointment.
When you visit the bridal store, go early as possible. When you visit the store early in the morning the store is less crowded. And the staff is not frustrated they are fresh. So you will get the full attention of the consultant.

Pick what suits you the most.
When you saw a pretty dress don’t decide to take it straightaway. First of all you need to find the silhouette that goes best on you. Don’t follow the trend. Select what suits you the most. After all it’s about you not about the fashion.

Top is important too.
Most women like long dresses with fancy ham. But you have to remember that the top of the dress is what people will notice the most and for the wedding photographs.

Trend doesn’t matter.
Don’t always go for the trendy wedding dresses. Trends go down with time but photographs will last forever. So pick your wedding dress wisely.

Take some selfies.
When you shopping for your wedding dress take your camera or the phone with you. Once you try a dress take a picture. So later you can decide what to buy by discussing with your friends, family or your fiancé.

Try as much as you want.
Don’t just satisfy with trying two more three wedding dresses. Try many wedding dresses as you want. The next dress could suit you more. There are some brides who tries 50 dresses before pick one.

Don’t try too much.
Don’t get confuse, don’t try so many wedding dresses just because you have to. Try because you want to. Try much as you want. Until you feel enough.

Don’t need an audience.

You don’t have to bring every single one from your family when you go to wedding dresses shopping. If you have confidence that you can select the wedding dress you want, go alone. But it is not bad to have an opinion from your close one.

Hope these will help you. Keep in touch...

Wedding Cake is one important thing in a wedding reception. It brings colors and light to the reception. But selecting a wedding cake might be tricky task to do. So we will see what are the main things you need to consider when you selecting a wedding cake.

- First thing first. You need to consider about your wedding theme when you are going to select a cake. The cake should matches with the hall design, wedding dresses and other decorations.

- Then you need to have a good idea about your budget. Have a pre-estimate about how much money you can allocate for the cake. Wedding cakes are really expansive, so you need to have a clear idea about your budget.

- Next thing is the size of the cake. You don’t have to buy a cake with 3-4 tiers if you have only few guests to serve. You can always make it up with fake tires (regiform)

- Finally tasting the cake. You need to select what type, what taste of the cake you need to fill you wedding cake with. When you tasting the cake, make sure that you don’t eat much from one cake. Idea is tasting not eating. If you eat too much cake, you wont feel the taste of next cake because of the sugar.

Keep these tips in mind when you selecting a cake for your wedding...

Most people want to make memorable the day he/she pop the question. It becomes more romantic if they propose in a creative way. So here is some tips that will help you with it.

01.   Bring her somewhere special to both of you like the place you two met or the first place you two had the first kiss or something really memorable.

02.   Make something creative for her. As an example make a video about your relationship and end of it pop the question.

03.   Participate a big crowd for the proposal. Like getting a band to perform at a busy place.

04.   Use the technology to propose her. Hold a banner in the sky using an air balloon or a mini plane.

05.   Ask her in front of the family or friends' get together.

Now go and pop the question…..

Everyone likes to look beautiful on their special day. Specially ladies! But some people find it really hard thing to do. So here are some tips that you can follow to reduce weight before your wedding reception.

01. Tracking Food.
First thing first, you need to track your food. If you are serious about losing weight you need to track your food. Research shows that tracking your food helps you lose twice as much weight than not tracking them. If you don’t do anything else during the final days and weeks before your wedding, track your food will help you.

02. Be smart.
While you are continuing first tip you need to be smart when you can’t avoid foods. Situations like tasting cakes for your wedding cakes. Keep the portions  small. Just one or two bites of the cake. Or if you know you have to eat sugar one day, cut back on sugary foods for the next few days.

03. Have a healthy breakfast.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you eat in the morning there are so much time foods to rot. So have a healthy breakfast and have a brief lunch and skip the dinner if you can. Having a large dinner is the main reason that body stock more fat.

04. Fitness.
Controlling foods is only one part of the process. Fitness is just as important as Tracking your meals. Treat your workout as a Date. Do not miss it, be on time, put much time as you can.

05. Get some Help.
If you have trouble keeping tracks, ask someone to help you. Ask them to help you to keep in track, when you decide to skip workout they will encourage you not to do that.

Thank you for reading the article. I hope this will help you to lose weight before your special day. Keep in touch! I will post few more tips in near future.
Over many years of service we have created an unblemished reputation as a key wedding destination in Sri Lanka. We always strive to provide our customers with excellent care at affordable prices. At Dilara Receptions you have multitude of options and varieties to choose from. With specific packages design to match any occasion and of course always customizable to fit the needs of the customer.
Located conveniently at close proximity to city of Colombo Dilara Reception Halls is the ideal location for you to hold your next function. Facing the Kelani River surrounded by calm atmosphere that will leave you breathless and is guaranteed to add beauty and tranquility to you next event. 

Banquet hall is ideal for your wedding receptions, business conferences, get-together, birthday parties and dinner parties. The deposit will be refunded of submitting the advance payment receipt next day after occasion Provision of a standby power generator in case of a power failure. 

Complimentary Wedding Offers
Wedding Poruwa
Oil Lamp
Bridal Settibacks
Flower Decorations
Pan kendi
Dressing Room for the Bride and Groom
Cake Baskets, Cake Trays and Cake Knife
Bow-style chair covers
No service charge
3 pcs band for functions 200+ guests

Available for a Reasonable Charge
Wedding Ashtaka
Milk Fountain
Shampaigne Fountain
Wedding Photography
Wedding Videography
Music Bands
Kandyan Dancers
Wedding Cars
Elephant Ride
Boat Tours
To make your special day even more beautiful - Hotel Minikirula, with well maintained and ample parking facilities.


- A/C Modern Wedding Hall
- Car Park
- Beautiful Garden
- Delicious Foods
- Friendly Staff

Ideally suitable for

- Weddings
- Home Comings
- Co-oparete Events
- Parties & all functions

Business Name: Hotel Minikirula

Welcome to Willuda Inn...   
It is the perfect haven to liven up the best moments in your life as per your fairytale dream from childhood. Our placement is the best for intimate moments such as hosting Wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and other special occasions. We are specialized in Wedding events come explore our dwellings that lure you into step in and live the loveliest wedding dream you can ever imagine. 

WILLUDA INN Functions  
Situated among the best of views Willuda Inn is a favourite to host Wedding Ceremonies, Club Parties, Birthday parties and for important meetings, and being a public favourite Willuda Inn is one of the common name to host Wedding Ceremonies We are specialized in housing Matrimonial Ceremonies; with an ideal atmosphere that will surely enliven anyone’s wedding dreams. 

Fully Air-Conditioned
Cable TV
24-Hour Room Service
Tea and Coffee making facilities
Great views of the;
Golden hued paddy fields
Emerald blue waters of the pool
Ensuite bathroom
Equipped with Hot & Cold water

Our Wedding Services offered Freely

Five hours free for the Occasion Hall
Seat Covers
Traditional Oil Lamp & Traditional Kawichchiya
A special hall allocated for Photography
Pan Kendiya and the Cake Basket
Different Background settings for Photography
Dressing room for the bride
Well furnished room with the state of the art facilities for the Bride and the Groom (for occasions hosting more than 200 guests)

You can obtain the following services from Us

Flower Decorations
(Poruwa Decorations, Settee Back, Lamps, Entrance Decor)
Poruwa Rituals (Ashtaka)
Kandiyan Dancing Troupes
Jayamangala Gathas
Professional Photographers;
Lighting for occasions in the Night
If require VIP services (Champaign Fountain)

Business Name: Willuda Inn

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