Weirdest and Funniest Wedding Traditions around the World

01. Release Doves to air

In Filipino weddings the couple releases two doves to air. It represent their new peaceful life together. 

02. Log Cutting Tradition
In Germany the couple has to cut a log to half to show the ability to work together and solve problems together after their marriage.

03. Gift a goose to bride’s mother.

As the tradition in Korea, the groom has to gift a goose or a duck to his mother in law as the appreciation for the bride.

04. Honey Bath

In the Scotland, the couple took out day before the wedding and plied with Honey and flour by friends and family. They used it as a trick to avoid evil spirits

05. Steal broom’s shoes
In traditional Indian weddings, the groom’s shoe is stealing by bride’s sisters. In order to get it back he has to pay to the sisters.

06. Spitting on the bride

In Kenya, bride’s father spit on his daughter before she leave the house. They believe that it brings good fortune to the couple 

07. Bride dance for money

In Poland guests can buy a dance with a bride on the wedding reception. They spend that money for their honeymoon.

08. Break a white bell

At a Guatemalan wedding reception, groom’s mother break a white bell which filled with flour, rice and grains. It means wishing luck and prosperity.

09. Break Dishes

In Germany, they break plates and dishes after the wedding reception in front of the couple’s house. The couple has to clean it all by themselves.

10. Kidnap the Bride

In Romania, The bride is kidnapped by friends and family day before the wedding. And the groom has to pay their ransom to rescue the bride.

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