Latest Wedding Themes in Year 2016 - Wedding Theme Ideas for 2016


Each year, wedding trends changes. Its always new year new trends. There were so many wedding trends in 2015. But in 2016 they become completely different. So lets take a look at new wedding themes in 2016.

Greenery Wedding Themes. 
 In this type of weeding themes they use so many leaves to decorate the wedding reception. They bring beautiful nature to the wedding.

Vintage Wedding Themes. 
 They use vintage colors to the theme. Mostly use wine, cedar and daffodil colors. Also in these theme they use so many old faction furniture, bridal dresses and decorations.

Twilight Wedding Themes. 
 In these wedding themes they usually use forest to hold the wedding reception. Also they hold the wedding at twilight. This theme become famous after twilight movie.

Fantasy (Fairy tale)Wedding Themes. 
Wedding hall decorated using a fairy tale like snow white, frozen or even lord of the rings. This is one of the most beautiful wedding theme in 2016.

Pastel Wedding Themes. 
 In pastel color wedding themes they use colors for 2016 by Pantone. Low light colors are wildly uses.

Garden Wedding Themes. 
 These themes aren’t new, but it becomes trendy in 2016. They organize the wedding reception in beautiful gardens.

These are the trendiest themes in year 2016. But trend could change always. If you need to have a beautiful trendy wedding, always do a research before you follow a trend.
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